Prior to the start of our liberation of Iraq the headlines were full of statistics informing us of the potential threat of that nation due to its 300,000-plus deadly military forces and the possible chemical warfare.

Where is the follow-up detailing that none of that was found?

Obviously there was no such army or our troops (as good as they are) would not have been able to take this country in a matter of weeks and with such limited casualties.

Everyone has to agree that most of the injuries suffered by our men were due to friendly fire or accidents caused by either nervousness or carelessness.

Did our military intelligence fail us? Were we given false information to gain our support? Is the Iraqi military along with Saddam Hussein in hiding only to return once we leave? Are we going to keep looking for Saddam until we find him? Was this just a personal vendetta conducted by our president?

The citizens of this country deserve answers to these and many other questions as we have spent billions of dollars on this invasion – money that could very well have been utilized elsewhere. But, most importantly, we have put the lives of our young people in jeopardy, alienated many of our allies, caused turmoil among our citizens and hardship for many of our families.

Was it worth it, or did we end up with egg on our face?

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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