The Iraqi army, with the exception of Israel, was far and away the most powerful army in the Middle East. But like other Arab armies in the region, when the battle turns they cut, run and surrender. A majority of the Iraqi army won’t be coming down for dinner.

Iraq harbored al Qaeda; they don’t any more. Saddam Hussein, bin Laden and all the other thugs throughout the world learned that they can superficially wound us – but we will kill them.

Today, al Qaeda is in disarray, the Koreans have changed their position and many Muslim countries no longer offer terrorists safe havens.

Was this personal? You bet it was.

Like the Japanese in 1941, Sept. 11 awoke the sleeping giant and brought to a screeching halt the feminization of America. Now we are in touch with our masculine side – the side that protects us from physical harm.

Instead of being concerned about the billions spent on the war, our focus should be on the policies put in place by the liberal Democrats that allow our enemies easy access to our country, welfare and, if charged with a crime, legal representation at the expense of the taxpayers they are trying to kill. Unlike the funds spent on the war, these are recurring expenditures.

In the movies of the ’50s, the cowboy was always the hero and protector. I guess things haven’t changed.

Thank you Ranger Bush.

Robert E. Macdonald, Lewiston

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