As one of the neighbors not in the May 12 story about the neighborhood fireplace in Auburn, I can attest to a lot that was left out of the “Fuel to the fire” story.

My family moved here from Lewiston two years ago. We lived in an area that had a speeding problem that the police rarely addressed. The home next to us had its share of unsavory tenants. Not quite the area that you want to bring up two children.

We now live in a once quiet cul-de-sac that has very friendly neighbors. Since we have been here we have met on Saturday nights at a small square fireplace in the middle of the circle. Our children toast marshmallows and hot dogs, and play in complete safety.

We do not let the children near the fireplace unless their parents are out to supervise them. We have all accepted the liability if one of our children gets hurt.

We keep the area neat, clean, cut, watered and safe. So what is wrong with community spirit as long as we accept responsibility as adults?

I don’t see what the problem is.

Angela Dubuc, Auburn

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