The Sun Journal published the worst letter I have ever seen written to a paper (May 12). That letter contained nothing but unsubstantiated charges and obsessive whining from a guy who still hasn’t gotten over whatever was done to him personally when President Bush was elected.

There is something very sad about allowing that kind of personal hubris to enter the political forum as legitimate debate.

If Mr. Paul Macri has anything to back up his preposterous claims then let him produce it. Otherwise the Sun Journal managed to lower the level of political speech to rumor and innuendo. And while that may be a right under First Amendment privileges, it is still a debasement of that grand principle.

Shame on the Macris of the world who add nothing to the state of politics today other than a further lowering of the debate; and shame on the Sun Journal for bothering to print his letter.

He may not know any better, but the newspaper should have.

Millie Oberheu,

Bradenton, Fla.

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