The Bush budget is a weapon of mass destruction. God help us if it’s ever dropped on America. It would destroy life as we know it.

If the budget were accepted, it would destroy any pretense of homeland security. Individual states like Maine are already being bankrupted by the president foisting federal responsibility for security off onto state governments.

If Sen. Collins doesn’t start showing the same backbone we’ve seen from Sen. Snowe regarding this budget, there will be even more costs picked up by the state of Maine and even less money for reimbursement.

This trickle down economics theory didn’t work during the Reagan years. Rather than the wealthy using their tax breaks to retool and revitalize American industry, the money was used to build factories overseas and mail paper machines to China. That’s great for the rich but it’s destroying America.

Anybody still looking for weapons of mass destruction simply need ask the White House for a copy of the president’s proposed budget.

Tom Bulger, Wilton

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