A poor girl, who was not very old,

her heart had been broken, and not remained cold.

One day, a seed got sowed,

by a man whose money she owed.

Next to another the seed had been planted,

and throughout their childhood, took each other for granted.

Together they got twisted around,

every day they got closer it was found.

These trees, everyday, had been observed,

by the girl, whose heart deserved more-

something more than what she had.

But still, she watched the trees, feeling sad.

The beautiful trees matured,

and their individuality soon got pilfered.

They, together, would never be severed,

because now they are one tree-forever.

They youn man came to visit one day,

to see the tree- and to sit and pray.

He had a decision to make,

If it was the girl he wanted to take.

A year later they became one,

under that same tree- whose life would enver be done.

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