The unspoken honor, stowed in a man

May save another’s life, giving all he can.

Should he fall lifeless to the sand,

All he can hope is that you understand –

Why he shall not return to your loving hand.

His belongings arranged neatly over his casket

As a tear trickles down your face.

He stands behind you and gives one last embrace;

You feel a chill a he kisses your cheek

About face and he begins to leave –

You’re alone, there to grieve.

Sitting at home with his uniform held tight,

When out of his pocket falls a note

With fear in his mind and you in his heart, he wrote –

He wrote to tell you he did his best,

Tried so hard to come home to you,

Falling just short of your love so true.

He wrote the words that you’ve just read,

Lest they remain, forever unsaid –

To tell you he’ll love you, long after he’s dead.

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