Jim Holmes’ article about the dangers of teens using a cell phone while driving was right on, although he failed to address the broader part of the problem (May 29). Teens aren’t the only guilty parties when it comes to using cell phones while driving. Adult drivers also need to heed his advice.

The headline read “Teach teens rules for safe driving,” but I think that his column regarding safe driving rules should have included adult drivers as well.

This past week alone I have witnessed at least a dozen adult drivers talking on their cell phones. They seemed oblivious to what is happening around them. If teenage drivers are supposed to follow safe rules, then adults need to be the example.

I have an older sister who has been driving for a year. I consider her to be a conscientious driver and I feel safe riding with her because my parents require her to pull over when she needs to use the phone. Imagine how much safer the roads would be if everyone abided by this simple rule.

One of most exciting times in a teenager’s life is getting a driver’s license. As a teenager myself, I will be driving in the next year. I hope to be a safe, responsible driver, but I need adults to lead the way.

I don’t want to have to worry about someone running a red light because they called home to say they are running late.

Katherine Hughes, Auburn

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