I think that it was a good idea for City Administrator Jim Bennett to give out his idea to make Lewiston a more welcoming city. I think that adding new buildings to Lisbon Street is a good idea and should be done. It will make it look more welcoming and make people more proud of where they live.

Downtown Lisbon Street doesn’t really have much to show for, but new ideas are always good for Lewiston.

I’m glad to say I live in a city such as Lewiston where there are always open ideas and there are always good changes in mind!

The new addition could bring two new office buildings, new sidewalks, buried utilities and a parking garage at the corner of Lisbon and Maple streets. As many as 300 jobs could be brought to the area. I’m sure that would help out Lewiston and people who are in need of jobs.

I just think this is a all-around good idea. It cleans up the area and makes Lewiston look like a better and cleaner place.

Brittany Therriault, Lewiston

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