I wasn’t surprised when I read Sen. Ethan Strimling’s column condemning the Bush tax cut (June 2).

Since when is it a bad idea to allow people to keep a little more of their own money instead of giving it to the government? Who do we trust more to spend our money wisely, ourselves or the federal government?

He seemed especially upset that people who don’t pay any taxes aren’t going to get anything back.

The senator was upset that Maine was going to lose $30 to $35 million as a result of the tax cuts. He failed to mention Sen. Susan Collins’ amendment that will give Maine $120 million more. Last I knew, $120 million minus $35 million equals $85 million dollars more the state would have if the tax cut hadn’t passed.

I guess he hasn’t looked at the stock market lately either. It was pushing the 9,000 mark for the first time in a year.

We need more senators like Ken Blais in this state who understand what it takes to have a strong business climate.

The Democrats in this state have been in charge for years and you see what they are good at: Maine is number one in taxation and has among the highest costs of operating a business.

The next time you hear of a business closing its doors, call a Democrat and thank them. Then vote for Republicans like Ken Blais who understand it is our money we pay our taxes with.

Jim Lamson, Lisbon

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