I realize that, compared to all the really important items you need to think about, my complaint is pretty small. However, it’s important to this one reader.

On June 4, there was a headline in your paper talking about a “bouy” being placed. Surely, the writer meant a “buoy.”

On June 5, there was a picture of Chief Dane Tripp riding a bike for Special Olympics because he had broken his “heal.” Please! I’m sure Mr. Tripp injured his “heel.”

I could cite (not site) many more examples but won’t at this time (not thyme).

Do you no longer have anyone who does proof reading? Spell check would have missed the “heal” but definitely not the “bouy.”

You (not ewe) are what the community reads (not reeds) on a daily basis. Please set a good example.

Jacqueline P. Kelly, Norway

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