Kudos to President George W. Bush, who continues to whip liberal tax and spend Democrats like Sen. Ethan Strimling, D-Portland, into a frenzy by reducing our taxes (June 2). No sooner had President Bush signed his brilliant economic stimulus package into law than Sen. Strimling, in a column on these pages, grieved publicly over Maine citizens getting to keep more of their money.

Those of us who work with Sen. Strimling were not surprised at his hyperbole about the president passing a tax cut to benefit his wealthiest donors. Sen. Strimling has made a name for himself as one of the most partisan legislators in Augusta, sponsoring a resolution opposing the war in Iraq and never missing an opportunity to criticize the president.

Unfortunately, he did not stop there.

He went on to chide local state Sen. Ken Blais, R-Litchfield, stating that Republicans are blind in their support of the plan.

Sen. Strimling has stated publicly that he thinks we need to raise taxes to make ends meet. For him, being the highest taxed state in the country is not something to be ashamed of. He even supported a budget amendment to increase income taxes for certain individuals and households from 8.5 to 10 percent. He believes the answer to our fiscal problems lie in tax hikes.

The bottom line is that Mainers’ paychecks are going to grow as a result of President Bush’s economic plan. As a businessman, Sen. Blais understands that this is good for all of Maine.

Sen. Paul T. Davis Sr.,

Senate Republican Leader,


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