The regime of Fidel Castro, now in its 45 year, is a nightmare police state that rivals Stalin, Hitler and Mao in its brutality and repression. Yet this thug is treated as a superstar throughout South America, and also by the far left in Hollywood (May 28).

He is seen as an expert at addressing the issues of both poverty and inequality, but all he has ever done is to create more of them. Castroland is so bad that if they made a theme park of it, all visitors would go in and be shot before they could ever get out.

It is true that Castro is one “hot” dictator, in – and only in – the sense that when he dies, he will in all probability burn forever in Hades. And frankly, he deserves that.

No one should have any admiration or respect for this criminal who pretends to be a world leader, or for the mob of gangsters of whom he is the chief!

Almon F. Jordan III, Auburn

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