I am a proud member of the Lewiston High School junior varsity baseball team. I am writing this letter to express my dismay at the lack of support for the sport of baseball in this community.

Although we did not have a great season this year, we deserve the same respect afforded other teams like football, basketball and hockey.

Having a winning record does not mean that we do not try hard, that our coaches don’t do their best, or that we are not excellent athletes.

I often overhear disrespectful remarks by the few fans who show up at our games, some directed at the coach and some at the team members. Also, the field conditions that the JV team must endure at LAP are ridiculous.

In conclusion, I feel that if the sport of baseball was afforded the same respect and support as some of the other sports at LHS, perhaps the program would improve to the prominence it desperately deserves.

Chad Kordalski, Lewiston

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