The last time I read something from Sen. Ethan Strimling he was encouraging us to support a resolution against the president on the Iraq issue. If I recall correctly, he was preaching gloom and doom on the consequences of the war in Iraq.

Well, 25 million freed Iraqis later, the senator has now decided to turn his gloom and doom machine on the economy, sounding the alarms on the impending devastation of President George Bush’s tax cut.

Sen. Strimling lives in Portland and runs a nonprofit that stands to benefit by increasing taxes. However, I have to believe that most people here in central Maine believe that 25 million freed Iraqis is a good thing. And, furthermore, tax relief is always better than more taxes, even if it only goes to those people who actually pay income taxes.

If the senator really wants to help people who don’t pay income taxes, he should lower the sales tax and start funding education mandates like special education and Learning Results so we can lower our property taxes.

Candace Snow, Litchfield

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