After reading about the wonderful Wellness Weekend in Lewiston-Auburn (June 8-9), I’d like to say that young people are teaching this “old dog” new tricks at the Wellness Clinic in Mexico.

I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and am on medication.

I’ve exercised throughout my life with principles I learned in the ’50s.

I visited the clinic, asked questions, and found out times have changed with regard to exercise.

I learned that the knowledge science has discovered over the past 50 years about the human body could help me live healthier. I learned about a new direction in exercise, cardiovascular fitness.

I also learned that if I didn’t exercise the right way, I’d probably increase my present medication or add other medications to it. I might even wind up in the hospital with a heart attack or stroke.

I got permission from my physician to exercise, was tested by a fitness specialist and an exercise program was created to improve my cardiovascular fitness.

When I need help, I have support at the clinic to advise me. I don’t have my uneducated guesswork from the ’50s to lead me astray.

I think the Wellness Clinic is a wonderful resource to help us River Valley people live healthier and longer lives.

It’s a good way to stay out of the hospital and cut the cost of medical care, too.

Tom Fallon, Rumford

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