Dear Sun Spots: I always appreciate your help. Now I need it again. I am looking for companies that sell miniature cars made after the models of larger cars that we drive. I have had catalogues before but no longer receive them. – No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots discovered several through a Google search none of which were located in the United States. Perhaps there are other enthusiasts out there who would be willing to share information with you.

Dear Sun Spots: I am a schoolteacher who collects vintage classroom memorabilia. I attended St. Peter’s school in the early ’60s. I am looking for a hand-end clapper used by the sisters to round out my collection. The clapper consisted of two small pieces of wood joined together by a hinge. I would be willing to pay a fair price. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: One of my friends gave me the tops of her glass hurricane lamps to try and fix. Her husband tried to help her with the housework one day and cleaned the inside of her lamps. It took off the coloring off the lamps. I trued to buy the glass paint but it just doesn’t come out right. It’s all streaky and doesn’t become clear. Is there anyone in the Lisbon, Lewiston or Auburn area who can get the tops of these lamps colored and looking new again? Or is there something I can buy to do it myself? – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like the know the names of the news channels Paula Zahn has been on for the past several months. Was she on CNN or MSNBC? When did she leave the one she was on and what time and channel is she on now? – No Name, No Town.

According to, CNN cut Paula Zahn’s new show down to a one-hour news program at 8 p.m. Zahn returned to CNN Monday night in her new slot. The 7-9 p.m. slot is still referred to as “Live From The Headlines” in which she hosts the second half. Anderson Cooper has filled in for the entire slot the past few months while Zahn prepped for her new show and took a break. They are expected to stay in their “Live From” format for about a month before formally launching their new programs in tandem.

Zahn, who was born in Omaha, Neb., on Feb. 24, 1956 attended Stephens College in Missouri on a cello scholarship. She earned a degree in journalism giving her own newscasts at the campus TV station and landed a summer internship at a CBS affiliate in Chicago.

After graduating in 1978 she was hired as a reporter by WFAA in Dallas, one of the 10 largest television markets in the country. By 1983, she had worked in San Diego at KMFB, Houston at KPRC and Boston at WNEV. She then moved to Los Angeles. In the summer of 1987, she gave up her high-profile job to move back to Boston and marry her former neighbor Richard Cohen. Within a few weeks. ABC called and offered her an anchor position on its Washington-based “Health Show.” She was quickly promoted to the top spot on ABC’s “World News This Morning.” She also spent time on “CBS This Morning” and Fox News.

In April, she began anchoring CNN’s “Live From The Headlines With Paula Zahn.”

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