It is our opinion that a recall ordinance is necessary for the town of West Paris. During the summer and fall of 2002, we discovered that the power held by the town’s residents ceases to exist after an election takes place.

Last year was costly – financially and emotionally – to the citizens of West Paris. Having an established recall policy would mean that, should a problem arise in the future, we will not be without recourse.

When necessary, our elected officials are represented by the Maine Municipal Association, as well as the attorney representing our municipality. The cost of this representation is paid by the taxpayers. Nonetheless, neither the MMA nor the municipal attorney represents the voters.

Without a locally established recall procedure, there is no way to remove an elected official until his or her term ends. We feel it is only prudent that proper steps be taken to determine that we not be held hostage as we presently are.

Jane C. Perham, Sheila J. Delamater, Sandra J. Poland, West Paris

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