I am angry to hear the Department of Human Services say the problem of child abuse is often addressed after the fact rather than before it occurs (July 31). In my opinion, the truth is, it is not addressed at all.

The focus is on keeping families together rather than helping children out of abusive situations. DHS would rather believe the parent’s word over anyone trying to help a child.

Most of us who report these cases are not asking to be believed at face value. We just want the situations to be investigated, including those who make the complaints, so that a proper judgment can be made. It’s always easier to believe the parents.

In my case, I was told there were not enough case workers or money to investigate all cases. However, the state seems to find money to incarcerate these same kids when they fall through the cracks.

It’s too late for many kids, including one in my family who died.

So, excuse me if I believe it will be more of the same from DHS – too little, too late!

Lillian Hoyt, Norway

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