We are fortunate in the Lewiston-Auburn area and all surrounding towns to have this wonderful state-of-the-art cardiac center.

Right here at home, we have all we need for whatever happens. No need to risk further complications by driving 50 or so miles down the road. Why would anyone choose to do that if he has a choice? Everyone should have the option to make that choice.

I recently had a short stay at our new facility. What a beautiful room. Spacious, cheerful, pleasant and sparkling with every convenience. I felt very well cared for and safe in this professional and efficient setting. Family was near by and available and could even stay the night.

I highly recommend our very own CMMC Hearth and Vascular Institute.

A friend of mine recently had a heart incident at home and was quickly transported to CMMC by ambulance. He was there in minutes for immediate attention by expert hands. He is now back on track and enjoying life again. He is very appreciative of the fine doctors at CMMC.

Yes, we are lucky indeed, to have a cardiac center so close by. But, it needs community support to survive. Why would anyone join and support another system so far removed from our own? Turning away from community surely takes away from everyone. The primary concern should be in the patient’s best interest, safety and healthy outcomes for our community and everyone.

Hilda Gardner, Auburn

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