On September 11, 2001 America was attacked by terrorists. Afterwards, our country vowed to combat the evil that caused these attacks by waging a war on terror. Today, over two years later, we’re still fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, what many people do not realize is that our great country faces threats not only from beyond our borders, but also from within them. No, I’m not speaking of the “sleeper cells” that President Bush has spoken of. I’m talking about the people who wish to deface and destroy America’s heritage. Although these people use no physical force, their actions are as harmful to our country as any bomb.

Browsing through some news articles recently, I discovered a story (found on worldnetdaily.com) about these terrorists living within our country. You see, it began when workers cleaning up the wreckage of the World Trade Center discovered a 20-foot high piece of steel in the shape of a cross. It stood straight up, surrounded by smaller crosses. Soon, weekly Sunday services were held at the site by police, firelighters, construction workers, and family members of the victims. People wrote the names of fallen rescue workers on the cross as well.

Since then, making the cross a part of the permanent memorial has been discussed and debated by many. Although no official decisions have been made, Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists, has proclaimed the cross a “Christian religious advertisement” and an “insult to everyone who doesn’t belong to that particular religion”. Johnson believes the cross is “a violation of church and state”. The Atheist group has even spoken of taking potential legal action should the cross become a part of the final memorial.

Should I remind Mrs. Ellen Johnson that the United States was created on a Judeo-Christian foundation? Our fore-fathers believed in a God and acknowledged his greatness in our government. Hence, we have the words, “IN God we Trust” on our money and the phrase, “‘One nation, under God” in our pledge of allegiance. Just because America is a free country doesn’t mean that these people can ignore and stomp on our history and heritage. The Christian cross doesn’t represent evil. It is not the sign of immorality or a thing to be feared. During hard times, people have found comfort in the cross and in prayer. Why would anyone want to take that away? No one is being forced to kiss or bow down when they see the cross. If people don’t want to see it, they can simply look away.

Our country lost over 3,000 innocent people and two giant symbols of America’s greatness on September 11, 2001. They were taken from us by terrorists. Now a different kind of terrorist wishes to take that which we find comfort in during hard times. Even putting up a yellow ribbon to show support for our troops has become a controversial issue in some areas. Are we going to just sit and allow our country to be stolen from us?

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