Oxford County

SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Old Mountain Road, LLC, to Gary and Tama Drown, real estate in Newry.

Anita Beu to Donald B. Jr. and Penny L. Philbrick Carver, real estate in Peru.

Ricardo V. Eustis to Donald B. Jr. and Penny L. Philbrick Carver, real estate in Peru.

Jamie D. Milledge to James J. Walsh, real estate in Mexico.

Jason Cooper to Kerri and Todd M. Monto, real estate in Buckfield.

Bennett Bros. Farms Inc. to Barbara Bennett, real estate in Buckfield.

Gloria J. Gallant to Karen Ellis and Calvin P. Lyons, real estate in Mexico.

Bear Paw Lumber Corp. to Marsha Weeks Traill and Peter H. Traill, real estate in Sumner.

C. Donworth Jones to Doreen M. and Patrick O. Jones, real estate in Mexico.

Barbara C. Arsenault to Barbara C. and Ronald J. Arsenault, real estate in Dixfield.

George N. Collier Jr. to Gerald F. and Rosemary C. Nicklaus, real estate.

Virginia S. G. Farrington and Virginia S. Grose to Jessica Grover, real estate in Norway.

Mary Beth Bayerlein and Mary Beth Cameron to Belinda M. and Kim A. Kelley, real estate in Bethel.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Dale R. Verrill to Cynthia A. and Ronald W. Savage, real estate in Bethel.

Karen L. Ellis and Calvin P. Lyons to Raymond B. Baker, real estate in Rumford.

Kathy D. and Michael T. Millett to Brian J. and Toni M. Starbird, real estate in Waterford.

Reino Kesseli to Eric B. Kesseli, real estate in Paris.

Andrew Bell to John T. and Monita M. Bell, real estate in Sumner.

Douglas L. and Janet L. Jordan to Deborah J. and Timothy E. Ricker, real estate in Paris.

Jeanine A. and Preston R. Merrill to Sonya E. Merrill, real estate in Greenwood.

Keith W. Davis and Cynthia I. and Cynthia O. Mills to Dennis A. Wheeler, real estate in Bethel.

Atkinson Trucking and Logging Inc. to Atkinson Trucking and Logging Inc. real estate in Otisfield.

Estate of Rosalie C. Jackson and Sharon R. Jackson (PR) to Robinson Manufacturing company, real estate in Oxford.

Mason Park Associates Inc. to S. Jean Kailey, real estate in Bethel.

Donald W. and Kimberly L. St. Germain to Harold E. and Lynda M. Cook, real estate in Dixfield.

Brenda and Ronald G. Beaudoin and Brenda McMillan to Craig W. and Shelly R. MacDonald, real estate in Buckfield.

Susan C. Baltrus to Heather M. Blais and Raymond R. Mills, real estate in Norway.

Charles R. Johnson to Susan Ellis, real estate in Woodstock.

John G. and Penni L. Floster to Sheila V. and Terry S. Campbell, real estate in Oxford.

James Longobardi and Patricia Sheridan to Helen and Mark Broughton, real estate in Newry.

Ellen M. and James A. Lomastro to Janet E. Baker, real estate in Newry.

Richard A. Tibbetts and Sally Tibbetts, by attorney, and Barbara L. and Dale R. Verrill to R. and D. Land Sales Inc., real estate in Oxford.

R. and D. Land Sales Inc. to Pamela R. Lane, real estate in Oxford.

R. and D. Land Sales Inc. to Patricia A. Pelletier, real estate in Oxford.

Patricia A. Pelletier to R. and D. Land Sales Inc, real estate in Oxford.

River View Timeshare Trust (by TR) to Christine K. and David L. Smith Sr., real estate in Bethel.

United States of America HUD (by atty) to Robert T. Crone, real estate in Peru.

Agatha Kimball and Earl L. Tyler to Benjamin Tyler, real estate in Bethel.

A. Beverly and Richard J. Gallo Sr. to Cathy A. and Richard P. Connolly, real estate in Newry.

Jeffrey J. and Lesli K. Doucette to Norma L. and Richard R. Boulanger, real estate in Rumford.

Rainbow Federal Credit Union to Elizabeth A. and Michael E. Devoe, real estate in Sumner.

Igor Popov to Cheryl D. and Michael S. Taylor, real estate in Newry.

Estate of Schuyler L. Mott and Winifred I. Mott (PR) to Schuyler L. Mott Residuary Trust, real estate in Paris.

Dawn Babcock and Dawn and Tommy T. Luther to Dorothy L. and James D. Hicklen, real estate in Oxford.

Emile J. and Lona N. Bedard to Jason B. Ellingwood, real estate in Greenwood.

Glendon C. and Pamela Virgin to Larry F. and Margaret M. Wynn, real estate in Hartford.

Future Capital Group, LLC, to Lisa J. Langlais, real estate in Hartford.

Kelly L. and Stephen M. Kangas to Jill and Kevin J. Cormier, real estate in Sumner.

Alan C. McNeil to Amanda J. Lucas, real estate in Hartford.

Barry W. Hill to Joan E. Hill, real estate in Norway.

Gayle A. Davis and Gayle A. Lyons to Lois P. McMackin, real estate in Peru.

Evelyn H. Somers to Allen G. and Lisa M. Noyes, real estate in Hartford.

Allen G. and Lisa M. Noyes to Evelyn H. Somers, real estate in Hartford.

Guy Picard (PR) and Leonel Picard (PR) and estates of Lionel R. and Lionel Picard to J.D.S. Properties, LLC, real estate in Rumford.

Margery G. Towne to Earle Towne, real estate in Andover.

J. Daniel and Zillah B. Morse to Clayton H. Jr. and Lucy M. Copp, real estate in Paris.

Old Mountain Road, LLC, to Gary and Tama Drown, real estate in Newry.

Laura L. Carver to Laura L. Carver and Ronad L. Spaulding Jr., real estate in Rumford.

Roland W. Savage to Kim M. and Nickalos D. Ramharter, real estate in Bethel.

Albert and Albert E. and Sheila and Sheila A. Verrill to Roger and Sheila Verrill, real estate in Sumner.

Carolyn and Carolyn L. and Joseph and Joseph K. Moody, to Don Hamann, real estate in Byron.

Riverside Associates, LLC, to Community Concepts Incorporated, real estate in Oxford.

E. G. Blake and Son Inc. to Richard F. Diplacido and R. F. Diplacido Building and Remodeling, real estate in Bethel.

George J. and Patti J. Sleeper to Robert T. Franks, real estate in Woodstock.

E. Jean and Thomas N. Richards to Courtney Jeanne and Richard Carl Jr. Marriott, real estate in Paris.

Anthony E. Dicola and Mario H. Ferreira to John A. and Michael A. Abreu, real estate in Newry.

Franklin E. Dodson Jr. to Franklin E. Jr. and Winifred E. Hodson, real estate in Woodstock.

Louis J. Jr. and Sarah A. Pezza to Dianne Irving, real estate in Hartford.

Kenneth A. and Victoria Irons to Anna T. and Stanley J. Leonard, real estate in Greenwood.

Paula R. Lee to Edward P. and Nancy A. Tubias, real estate in Andover.

Andrea Lynn Bannister and Curt Randall Bayer to Clifford Michael Davis Jr., real estate in Mexico.

Maureen A. and Richard A. Dillon to Kimberly D. Ballard, real estate in Buckfield.

Kelli Randa and Stephen Edward Healy to Maria Arena and Donald Joseph Burke, real estate in Newry.

Alice M. and Glen H. Gruba to BITM Enterprises, real estate in Paris.

Caroline O. and Charles D. and Darlene C. Merrill and Judith M. Murphy to Mary J. Michael J. Haney, real estate in Woodstock.

Eric H. and Judith G. Brown to Richard E. and Vikki M. Spaltro Ricker, real estate in Oxford.

Horace T. and Kathaleen K. Clark to Daniel J. and Mary E. Reid, real estate in Paris.

Scott A. and Thomas R. Dillon to James C. and Pirkko K. McBride, real estate in Norway.

Scott A. and Thomas R. Dillon to James C. McBride, real estate in Norway

Geraldine C. and Ivan E. Smith to Keith A. and Michelle L. Moxcey, real estate in Sumner.

Ann Hills to Rhonda L. and Roger E. Belanger, real estate in Hanover.

Carol and Jonathan C. Flink to Anita N. and David S. Shaw, real estate in Paris.

Amos R. Case (Cons.) and Stephen A. Johnson (Cons.) and Estate of Stephen J. Riggott Sr. to Harold R. Edwards Jr., real estate in Paris.

Ron Rice and Louise Snyder to Jane and Jane D. Gray, real estate in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust (by TR) to Ron Rice and Louise Snyder, real estate in Bethel.

Walter E. Jacobson (by atty) to Gary Lizotte, real estate in West Paris.

Elaine F. and James E. Alt to Craig and Kleta Dudley, real estate in Newry.

Great Eastern Timber Company, LLC, and Hancock Natural Resource Group Inc. to Plum Creek Maine Timberlands, LLC, real estate in Township.

Lois McMackin Trust and Lois McMackin (TR) to Carrie D. and Michael C. Enos, real estate in Peru.

Lois P. McMackin to Carrie D. and Michael C. Enos, real estate in Peru.

George H. Carter Jr. and Margaret B. Carter to Daniel J. Simard, real estate in Milton Plantation.

Erkki I. Lamppu to Diana M. Erkki I. and Pirkko O. Lamppu, real estate in Bethel.

Kraig M. and Susan S. Kummer to Sylvia R. Knights, real estate in Woodstock.

Dina, Jamie, Perry and Thomas Day to Jane Durgin and Michael Kelso, real estate in Bethel.

Claudia J. and Stanley M. Dobosz to George and Julie Dow, real estate in Bethel.

Anita N. and David S. Shaw to Doron and Sharon Haendel, real estate in Woodstock.

Swan Supply Inc. to WNTA Inc., real estate in Norway.

Sylvia Gibbons to Erica H. and Mark Cashell, real estate in Waterford.

Melissa M. Dussouillez and Melissa Weber to Erica H. and Mark Cashell, real estate in Waterford.

Erica H. Cashell and Erica H. Weber to Erica H. and Mark Cashell, real estate in Waterford.

Clair L. and Claire L. and Thomas Y. Wong to Regina A. Luff, real estate in Norway.

Maureen E. Warren to Barbara and Roland Warren, real estate in Buckfield.

Bryce H. Yates Revocable Trust and Barbara M. Yates (TR) to Ann H. and Rick D. Christoffersen, real estate in Newry.

Annella Burnham to Kenneth and Victoria Irons, real estate in Woodstock.

Isabel A. and Leo M. Crowley to Anita Haskell, real estate in Newry.

Priscilla I. Bracket and Priscilla I. Brackett to Clifford M. Gerrells and Marla Jane Summer, real estate in Paris.

Leslie J. and Stafford C. Soule to Matthew C. and Wendy A. Kirchner, real estate in Newry.

Lloyd L. Poland to Karen Libby and Robert Christopher Simocko, real estate in Rumford.

Kathy C. and Kevin S. Banzul to Jacoby and Vicki Joy Powell, real estate in West Paris.

Buckfield Cemetery Association to Elmer Churchill, real estate in Buckfield.

Gayle R. and Mark S. Wigley to Robert B. and Valerie L. Cross, real estate in Gilead.

Aaron V. and Tanya L. Perreault to Margaret A. and Todd E. Papalegis, real estate in Dixfield.

Marie Patricia Ruff to Barry S. and Bobbi Lyn Driscoll, real estate in Rumford.

Beverly B. and Gordon R. to Beverly B. Brown, real estate in Bethel.

Howard J. Turnbull to George A. and Sharon M. Turnbull, real estate in Rumford.

Penny Blake to Harlan R. Blake, real estate in Bethel.

Norman Desrochers to Rhonda Desrochers, real estate in Oxford.

Nelson C. Clement and Ellen O. and Michael A. and Richard R. Hayes and Steven A. Upson to Brian J. MacDonald and Bridget A. McDonald, real estate in Bethel.

Deborah Lynn and Kenneth R. Boulanger to Frank G. and Virginia K. Monica, real estate in Buckfield.

Brian Remmey to Armond E. and Shirley H. Norton, real estate in Paris.

Hynek H. Wachtl to Diane Marie Witkop, real estate in Byron.

William E. Kenney to Esther M. and William E. Kenney, real estate in Norway.

Ronald W. Savage to Aidan L. O’Connor, real estate in Bethel.

Gary S. Brewer and Anthony E. Dicola to Mary Louise Cohen, real estate in Newry.

Diana H. and Maurice C. Nadeau to Diana H. Nadeau, real estate in Greenwood.

Philip R. Greenleaf to Anthony C. Morra, real estate in Norway.

Kendall W. Cooper to Christopher A. Cooper, real estate in Hartford.

Christopher A. Cooper to Kendall W. Cooper, real estate in Buckfield.

Theodore A. Clark to Steven George Murray, real estate in Albany Township.

Barbara A. and Lawrence J. Tetreault to Beddington Associates, LLC, real estate in Norway.

Steven R. Campbell to Beddington Associates, LLC, real estate in Norway.

Gordon R. Brown to Beverly B. Brown, real estate in Woodstock.

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