By JIM HOOD, Elementary Physical Education Teacher

We have all heard recent news reports about the alarming rise in obesity rates for children and adults. Current fitness data reveals that the number of children in the United States who are obese is increasing. Fitness data on adults reveals that one out of every five Americans is 100 pounds or more overweight. The bottom line is that we are putting on the pounds. Some things thought to explain why this is happening include the foods we eat (fast foods), the computer boom (less exercise), and others.

Lewiston’s elementary physical education staff uses a curriculum that exposes your child to various fitness and wellness activities and team sports in an attempt to lessen their chance of becoming one of these obesity statistics. Your child receives 30-45 minutes of physical education per week. It is the staff’s ambition that each child will continue to participate in one or more of the activities they learn as they become older. We encourage students to adopt physical education and fitness into their daily lifestyles.

Adults can help children by being advocates for fitness and health. One of the ways to do this is by asking your children what they did in class on the days they have physical education. You may hear “nothing” initially, but you should be persistent and ask them to demonstrate their skills. They would love to show off for you!

The following activities are examples of what your child is doing in physical education class. Second quarter activities will focus on basketball and various ball skills.

Kindergarten & Grade 1

• Spatial awareness, social skills, cooperation among students

• Locomotor skills: hopping, skipping, galloping, jogging, sliding, etc.

• Activities: I See, Stuck in the Mud, ET Phone Home, Relay Races, 4 Corner, Aerobics

Grade 2

• Locomotor skill review

• Relay races with obstacles

• Beginning level soccer kicks and traps, dribbling

• Various tagging and fleeing games

• Activities: Soccer Relay, Run Fish Run

Grade 3

• Movement types

• Heart and respiratory needs of the body

• Soccer skill development

• Lead up games to soccer using the learned skills

• Dodging and darting skills, agility.

• Activities: Soccer tag, Spider Ball, Soccer Pirates

Grade 4

• Refine soccer skills.

• Skills associated with specific body movements

• Soccer lead up games: Sock it to ‘Em, Soccer Kickball, Soccer Tag

Grades 5 & 6

• Advanced soccer skills

• Game rules and positions

• Soccer lead up games

• Soccer

• Fitness testing and assessments

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