Dear Sun Spots: I have a pink, blossoming maple plant. It is growing very fast. Does anyone know what I should do for it before it takes over my house! It is beautiful. – R. Hiltz, Lewiston.

Sun Spots checked with Sun Journal garden columnist Jody Goodwin who says you can take a pair of bypass pruners and cut back each branch, just above a pair of offset leaves. It will do quite nicely, she says, and will probably take at least a month to bloom again. Perhaps other readers have some tips they’d be willing to share with you.

Dear Sun Spots: Thank you for the great information your column prints out to all of us.

Where would be a close place to look for a braided rug 96-by-132 between Rumford and Turner areas?

Also, I have a black, front-end hood cover (bra) for a Ford Taurus for best offer. I can be reached at (207) 364-7572. – No Name, Rumford.

Dear Sun Spots: When our beloved Frank Sinatra passed away, I received a thank you card from Mrs. Sinatra at Rancho Mirage, Calif. It seems that’s not the current address.

I would appreciate her present address, if possible, and thank you kindly in advance. – R.S., No Town.

Sun Spots has been unable to find a contact address, and perhaps other readers out there may have one they would be willing to share with you.

Dear Sun Spots: I was hoping someone in the Lewiston-Auburn area could help me find a computer video game, “Frogger I.”

It’s old and I’m having an awful time finding one. Most of the games I’ve tried to track down are for a PlayStation, which I do not have. If someone has the “Frogger I” CD, I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for a used one or if they can tell me where I might be able to purchase it new I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer me. I can be reached at (207) 777-6242. – No Name, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: Years ago, the Sun Journal used to print divorce announcements putting the name of the one who filed for divorce first, followed by the name of the spouse. For some time now, they’ve been printing the name of the man first. Why did they change it? It was better the other way. – A.M.P., No Town.

The man’s name is first because it appears first on the document and to correlate with the court’s computer system.

Dear Sun Spots: I hope you can help me. I’m looking for pineapple, long runner centerpiece (cracked) for a coffee table. The pattern number is Design 7100. If I had a computer I could get it, but I don’t have one. Maybe someone else does. I’ll pay for it, plus postage. You can call me days at (207) 268-4700. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots was unable to locate one and hopefully other readers will be able to assist you here.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a brand-new suitcase on wheels. One wheel is broken. I was told there might be a place where they can fix that. Please let me know if and where there might be one? – R.M.P., Farmington.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots would recommend anyone who does odd jobs. You can try contacting:

Dean Hinkley of Wales at (207) 375-6163.

Rent a Husband at: 75 Mill St., No. 3, Brunswick, ME 04011, (207) 725-9100, or toll-free at 1-877-99-HUBBY.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for an Atari machine with the joysticks in good working order. Also, the games such as “Pac Man,” “Bowling,” “Mrs. Pac” and any other games in working order. Thank you. Please include your phone number and I’ll contact you. – V.G.H., No Town.

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