Films of Ann Miller.

The Good Fairy, 1935

The Devil on Horseback, 1936

New Faces of 1937, 1937

Stage Door, 1937

The Life of the Party, 1937

Tarnished Angel, 1938

Room Service, 1938

Radio City Revels, 1938

You Can’t Take it With You, 1938

Too Many Girls, 1940

Hit Parade of 1941, 1940

Melody Ranch, 1940

Go West, Young Lady, 1941

Time Out for Rhythm, 1941

True to the Army, 1942

Priorities on Parade, 1942

What’s Buzzin’, Cousin?, 1943

Reveille With Beverly, 1943

Carolina Blues, 1944

Jam Session, 1944

Hey, Rookie, 1944

Eve Knew Her Apples, 1945

Eadie Was a Lady, 1945

The Thrill of Brazil, 1946

The Kissing Bandit, 1948

Easter Parade, 1948

On the Town, 1949

Watch the Birdie, 1950

Two Tickets to Broadway, 1951

Texas Carnival, 1951

Lovely to Look At, 1952

Kiss Me Kate, 1953

Small Town Girl, 1953

Deep in My Heart, 1954

Hit the Deck, 1955

The Opposite Sex, 1956

The Great American Pastime, 1956

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