Dear Sun Spots: I am writing essays that recall the era when I grew up in the Twin Cities. I was wondering if the murals I write about are still in the bank or where did they go? – Alice Barnes, formerly Bisson, St. Dominic High School ’63.

Sun Spots spoke with Nancy Lecompte, (207) 783-7189 ([email protected]) author of “ALNÔBAK: A Story of Indigenous People In Androscoggin County” and a companion book, “Androscoggin County, Maine: A Pictorial Sesquicentennial History, 1854-2004,” who says these murals still exist. Lecompte says the city of Lewiston has decided they are a historical treasure and have ensured they will remain protected and the community will be responsible for them.

Dear Sun Spots: Last December, there was an article in the paper about our Maine lobstermen and a lobster they caught and dressed in Barbie clothes and released.

This lobster has been caught and released many times since. Could you please tell me what day this article was printed and how can I get it? – E.D., Greene.

The article you speak of was an Associated Press article published in the Sun Journal on Dec. 22. It told of a female lobster crawling around off the Maine coast that has cheated death at least 10 times, thanks to Barbie and a couple of Mount Desert fishermen.

As a gag, Jim Bright and his stern man, Chris Costello, outfitted the lobster in doll clothes – a blue blouse, red and white checked skirt, and pink high heels – before placing her in a friend’s trap last September.

“It’s a monotony hauling traps day after day,” said Costello, “and we just wanted to break it up a little bit. It totally worked.”

Barbie Lobster, as she is known, has been hauled up by various fishermen at least 10 times along the 26-mile channel between Baker’s Island and Mount Desert Rock.

The VHF radios used by lobstermen would buzz with chatter and laughter each time a new sighting of Barbie was reported.

Costello made a special trip to Wal-Mart in Ellsworth to buy the Barbie clothes.

The fishermen had wanted to dress up a jumbo lobster, but it was too fat to fit into a Barbie doll outfit. They chose a svelte 1½-pound crustacean instead.

“They slipped right on, just like Cinderella,” Bright said of the tiny pink shoes he and Costello slipped on Barbie.

You should contact the Associated Press’s Augusta office at (207) 622-3018/622-1488 to see if they can get you a copy of the article.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a police and fire scanner I’m trying to find crystals for it. It’s a Sears model made by Sanyo. I am also looking for Dick Curless compact discs. I believe there is a gentleman in Norway who may have some, but I have lost his address. Would you please help? Thanks. – E.C., Turner.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots would recommend you contact Bull Moose Music at 20 East Ave., Lewiston, (207) 784-6463, for assistance regarding the CD.

Dear Sun Spots: In January 2003, I subscribed to ePregnancy magazine and sent the money via check. Here it is a year later and still no magazine. I’ve repeatedly called and e-mailed with no luck. Could you please help me? – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots called the customer service department, which says they received a $9 check for nine issues and copies were mailed from May to December 2003. Your order has now expired. You should contact the customer service department to discuss this. You can reach them at 800-999-9718.

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