Sheriff Cummings’s liquor deputies visited a place in Lewiston over Jackson’s furniture store and found fifteen men playing a small game of poker. The names were taken and the men will be present in the Lewiston police court for trial. Sheriff Cummings was sitting in the jail office with several visitors when the complainant entered and demanded an officer. “You have a chance to do something,” said he. “Now let’s see you do it.” The man was a stranger. He could not tell the location of the place but offered to lead an officer there. The sheriff sent an officer and if there had been time would have communicated with City Marshal Wing, who has been himself much concerned about similar stores. The officers went with the man and found the men at the game. The money and chips were taken and the parties admitted that they were playing poker.

50 Years Ago, 1954

The first in seven of the approximately 60 deeds that will be filed in connection with the construction of the Maine Turnpike Authority extension from Portland to Augusta were received at the Androscoggin Registry of Deeds office today. Paul A. Choate of Auburn, who is one of the three attorneys clearing titles on the proposed routes, said the seven warranty deeds filed today involve land in the Rowe’s Corner section of the City of Auburn.

He said it is expected about 30 deeds will be filed pertaining to land in Auburn, and a like number in Lewiston. He is working on the clearing of the titles along with Attorneys L. Damon Scales and Philip G. Isaacson.

25 Years ago, 1979

The pealing of church bells will probably awaken most of the people on this community Tuesday morning as the town celebrates its 150th anniversary. Before the time of its incorporation of Feb. 27th, 1829, Oxford was part of Hebron, but when it came into its own there was great rejoicing, taxes were paid up, boundaries fixed, “…ammunitions, military equipment and camp equipage belonging to Hebron at the time of the passing of this Act…(were) divided between said towns” and even the paupers, who had squatted long enough to claim territorial rights suddenly found they belonged to Oxford rather than Hebron, if indeed their settlements were within its borders, and that from there on in they would be the town’s responsibility.

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