The New York Post ran a front-page photo of the death leap.

NEW YORK (AP) – A 19-year-old New York University student committed suicide by jumping from a high-rise roof, the fourth student to die in a plunge this academic year, officials said.

Diana Chien, a transfer student from California, jumped from the 24-story, off-campus building Saturday, officials said. The city medical examiner ruled her death a suicide.

University officials notified students of Chien’s death via e-mail Monday.

“People are sort of angry and bitter,” freshman Dana Delger told The New York Times for a story in Wednesday editions. “They don’t understand why this keeps happening.”

The New York Post tabloid published a front-page photo of Chien’s plunge off the building, and university officials said Wednesday the decision to rerun the photo worsened the community’s pain.

The photograph was used inside the newspaper Sunday with a story quoting witnesses to the woman’s fall, and it was republished Wednesday on the front page with Chien’s identity.

“Given that this had already been in the paper once, it seems to show an appalling lack of judgment and insensitivity to the young woman’s family and a disregard for the feelings of students at NYU,” university spokesman John Beckman said.

Post spokeswoman Suzi Halpin declined to comment.

The newspaper’s Sunday edition quoted the photographer, Scott Schwartz, saying the person in the photograph had her back to the street when she leaped and stayed completely still as she fell.

“I saw one shoe go flying into the air after the impact,” Schwartz said.

One NYU student committed suicide last semester by jumping from a high floor of a library. A second also fell from a high floor in the same library, but authorities ruled his death an accident after it was found he had been on drugs.

Authorities have not yet ruled on the death of a third student, a woman who fell to her death from the window of a friend’s apartment near campus.

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