Those who attend the Easter Opening of the B. Peck store tomorrow will find roses to the right of them, roses above them, roses all around them. The columns off the store are wound with light green and white and are studded with the pink roses which the clerks have been making for the past three weeks. The counters are edged with them, jardinieres are filled with them, branches of trees are covered with them, ropes of them may be seen hanging from the chandeliers and from every available projection, while “Easter Opening,” “1904,” “Spring ’04,” etc., may be seen made of roses in different parts of the store, but the centre of the whole decorative scheme is the entrance.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Each school day, seven handicapped children who are unable to attend Lewiston schools, wait eagerly for the arrival of their “traveling teacher.”

Two teachers, Mrs. Frank Davis of Auburn and Mrs. Gordon R. Park of Sabattus, bring the classroom onto the homes of the afflicted children and help them to learn new skills, under a program of home instruction for handicapped children sponsored jointly by Lewiston and the State.

“I try to fit the instruction to the needs of each child,” Mrs. Park reports, “Each child is different, but they are all as bright as can be and eager to learn. The parents are very cooperative. They make me a welcome guest in each home.”

With most of the children, some physical difficulty has caused the breakdown of their power to communicate with other people and they have never received instruction in regular school subject, she said.

“The children are intelligent and they do understand, if only the teacher can find a way to get each idea across.” explained Mrs. Park.

25 Years ago, 1979

Old Man Winter received a staggering blow from Mother Nature recently. The knockdown punch was extremely good news for those preparing for the 1979 fishing season which officially gets under way Sunday.

Less than two weeks ago, a Journal check around Lake Auburn revealed just scant traces of open water. The ice cover was still pretty much intact. then with the official arrival of Spring (March 21), temperatures spiraled followed by some heavy rain. The combination played a Houdini-type act on the ice cover which disappeared along much of the shore line.

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