By Alexa Doyer

Elm Street School

On Thurs. Feb. 26 through Sun. Feb. 29, St. Dom’s High School held it annual junior high invitational tournament. The Mechanic Falls Lady Varsity Wildcats decided to attend this invitational once again. During their first game on Friday night the Wildcats played a great game but to their disappointment still fell short. During their game on Saturday the wildcats played the Holy Cross girls and instead this time in a turn for the better the Wildcats pulled through and won. On Sun. morning at 9:30 the Wildcats played the Poland girls for the third place title. The final score with the Wildcats ending up on top was 42-20.

Prior to the girls championship games. St. Dom’s held its free throw and three point competition for both boys and girls. The two best shooters from each team for each competition were allowed to take part in the competition. From the Mechanic Falls lady varsity Wildcats seventh graders Kendra Vyr and Alexa Doyer represented their team in the free throw comptition. Seventh graders Jennifer Baril and Alexa Doyer represented their team in the three point shoot-out.

The free throw rules were simple. Four participants were called out onto the court, positioned themselves at a basket and were given ten shots. The best four shooters after the first round were brought into the semi-finals. During the semi-finals they would crown their champion. Kendra Vye scored two out of ten free throws and Alexa Doyer, missing the semi-finals by one, scored six our of ten free throws.

The three point shoot-out rules were much like the NBA three point competition rules. The shooter would take their “sweet spot” around the three point perimeter and would ready themselves for 30 seconds. The rebounders would report to the desk with the number of shots their shooter had made. After the first round the top shooters from each division proceeded to the semi-finals. During the semi-finals they would crown their “king and queen” of the three point, Jennifer Baril during the first round scored one three pointer. Alexa Doyer during the first round scored five three pointers. Jennifer Baril was left high and dry but Alexa Doyer proceeded to the semi-finals with one other girl. During the final round someone must have jinxed the rim since only one of her shots was able to penetrate it. All of the girls gave it their all. Alexa Doyer came out with second place.

Following the girls’ championship game the all tournament team was announced. The all tournament team is when every game you play your coach has to nominate two players from the opposing team for the honor. Then the five players with the most votes go on to “take home the gold.” Even though the Mechanic Falls lady Varsity Wildcats took home third place, eighth grader Jennifer Dionne, not to be confused the seventh grader Jennifer Baril, won a place on the all tournament team.

The Mechanic Falls Lady Varsity Wildcats did a great job this year and all in all had a great season.

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