A large number of Lewiston and Auburn people visited Lake Auburn yesterday that they might form an idea when the Lake will be clear of ice, that they may lay their plans for early fishing. The ice at the present time is broken up about the shore and the water shows through in places near the center of the lake. The entire body of ice looks like honey comb and all that is needed now is a good stiff wind to stir up the clear water and break the remaining ice. It is expected to break up any day now.

50 Years Ago, 1954

The Maine Turnpike Authority yesterday placed condemnation proceedings before the Androscoggin County Commission concerning 35 parcels of Lewiston-Auburn land.

The commission set May 21 as the date for the hearings which will be held in the Androscoggin Superior courtroom. The area of work has been bustling all week with the influx of machinery and men for the project. A New York company and the W. H. Hinman Co. of North Anson are preparing for their parts in the construction.

25 Years ago, 1979

The ground-shaking roar of a top fuel dragster shatters the air with an ear-splitting rage. Down close to the ground a little, single-engined biplane hurtles toward the starting line, its engine building to a whining crescendo! Car versus airplane! That’s the latest addition to the program for Sky Show ‘79 to be held July 14-15 at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport -a race involving a top fuel dragster owned by a Lewiston man and a Pitts S2A aircraft designed for aerobatics and piloted by one of the nation’s top stunt pilots. Dr. Kenneth Wolf, chairman of the airport board of directors, has arranged the race which will see Lewiston dragster Guy Boucher face off against pilot Jim Parker of Warren, Vt. Parker is already booked for the air show and will be appearing both days of the event, flying his aircraft in a show that demonstrates 29 separate unique maneuvers which put his plane and his abilities to the extreme test.

But the race against Boucher’s dragster is an extra.

The top fuel dragster, said to be the longest of its kind in the country, is powered by an Chrysler hemi engine, has a top speed of 245 miles per hour and can cover a quarter-mile course in six seconds!

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