By Patrick Bryant

Holy Cross School

Some people think that something like the Holocaust would never happen again. Or some people know but don’t want to admit it. The Holocaust ruined the lives of millions of people and I don’t know of anything that has reached that level yet, but there are similar things going on in the world today. Like Hitler, Saddam Hussain tortured and killed a lot of people. I have heard of many things that Saddam did, such as making a man bathe in acid while he and his sons watched. Hitler and Saddam both ruled over their people and didn’t care about them at all. They treated them poorly for no reason. Saddam trained his children to torture people starting when they were just little kids. He corrupted their minds along with the minds of others to think what he was doing was right. Hitler did the same thing; he had many people convinced he was right in what he was doing.

Saddam’s acts were not directed at any particular race or type of people like Hitler’s were. Saddam did not harm as many people as Hitler did, and he did not take things beyond his own country. But this does not make it any better. If something like this were going on just recently, there could be more happening that we don’t know about, or beginning to happen. We really need to admit this could happen and be ready in case it does.

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