By Chelsea Peterson

Poland Regional High School

The blood-curdling scream startled both audience and cast alike. Everyone on stage tried desperately not to be thrown by the startling screech, half out of fear of ruining the play, half out of pure pride.

We all knew it was coming, and had since December, yet couldn’t help but flinch at the sudden wail that escaped the mouth of Abigail Williams (played by Liz Cole and Megan Harmon). In our own defense, it’s kind of hard not to get into a play such as the Crucible.

At that point, the play always becomes frighteningly realistic for us. Shouts drown out shouts, cries for salvation turn things for the worst, and a bunch of girls resort to the popular kindergarten torture method of “copy cat”. And at the height of the controlled pandemonium, the curtains closed, and we all relaxed to some degree.

After struggling to shift the weighty set into place for act four, the majority of us scamper off stage, banishing all thoughts of witchcraft as we pile into the chorus room. One would think that with a play such as the Crucible, the atmosphere would be slightly depressed, or at least wary, with all the problems our show has been having. Though, may I remind you that this is Poland. Since when have we followed suit?

Nothing seems to be able to get this cast down. Our determination didn’t even flinch when the fire alarm went off in the middle of our Thursday performance, and we were forced to wait outside for half an hour in the cold before the fire department finally showed. Heck, some of the cast members decided to belt out Crucible the Musical (take the story line of the Crucible and put it to the music from Annie Get Your Gun) to pass the time as we waited for permission to re-enter the building.

If Thursday wasn’t bad enough, our Friday performance was canceled due to an inconsiderate snowstorm. Then, we laughed, instead of the natural reaction of freaking out, when one of the actors had to hurry home right before we opened because he forgot one of his front teeth.

Though we shrieked, whimpered, and faked tears every few lines, the Crucible cast was probably the cheeriest bunch of accused witches anyone had ever seen.

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