By Tim Stretton

Lewiston Middle School

On Monday, Feb. 9, seventh graders with some sixth graders were selected to attend the hate Bias Workshop at Bates College.

Students were accompanied by Mr. Dehetre, LMS computer teacher, and Mrs. Bernier, vice principal secretary. The mentors were Steve and Nicole who did many fun activities with us. One favorite activity was partnering up with someone. After we stared into our partner’s eyes, we had to alter our appearance three times. Our partner had to quess what the changes were.

We had a great snack and returned for more activities. We learned about hate crimes. Hate crimes are threats or violence that has to do with someone’s culture, gender, or sexual orientation all of which are sad and hurtful.

During lunch we sat with our group to prepare a commercial skit.

The skits were presented to try to generate ideas to help eliminate bullying in our schools.

At the end of the day, we formed a circle and made a pledge. For example we could each help someone with their homework or listen to their troubles. it was an informative day.

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