By Alexa Doyer

Elm Street School

On April 17, Poland AAU basketball held its annual tournament. All three of Poland’s teams participated. For the u-13 category both the Netbumers and the Sparks came along for the ride. Participating for the older category was the Hoops for Girls u-15 team.

For the u-13 category two teams other than Poland joined in for the fun. Triple Threat, from Auburn, and the Northstare from the Bangor area. With high hopes the Poland teams took the court but to their disappointment only one team came out with a win. The Netburners beat the Sparks. The Sparks did not win a game.

At the end of the tournament all of the participants were given a shirt with the tournament’s name on it.

All in all, the Poland teams gained more enthusiasm for the game, got to practice their defense and got more fire for the state tournament coming up on the twenty-third.

Good luck Poland!

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