The desire to break loose rises with the rising blood of the year. Everybody has it. The housewife is seizes with a longing to throw her dishes out of the window to save washing them and to go off on a car with a lunch box and the baby.

The school children’s spirits are all a-fizz like soda water. The infant playing on the sidewalk commits, single handed, terrible havoc in the ranks of the array of dandelions that are swarming over the lawns and terraces. The business man at his desk is disquieted by drifting visions of cool winding brooks in whose brown curves the trout lurks.

A familiar sight to the trolley car conductor is a group standing by a white-painted post,-pa with a fishing rod and tin box, and ma with a basket, and Mary with a shoe box full of sandwiches, and Teddie with a bag of bananas, and a sunbonnet with Edie inside, and a hat marching impatiently up and down the sidewalk on two very capable-appearing feet, and a small dog answering to the name of – well, Solomon, perhaps, by the wise expression of his black and tan countenance.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Bonneau Bros. Master Market at 248 Blake St., Lewiston, announced yesterday that ground will be broken today at South Avenue and Lisbon Street for the erection of a new $350,000 supermarket.

Alonzo J. Harriman Inc. of Auburn is the architect and the contractor is Gerard Construction Co. of Lewiston. The store will be opened in November, will be managed by Edgar Bonneau.

The Blake Street store will still be operated with Euclide Bonneau as manager. The new store will be 70 by 140 feet and there will be parking facilities for 80 vehicles.

25 Years ago, 1979

It was “Wagons Ho” and just like their fore fathers before them, 100 strong left Winthrop at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday and braved the weather for the trip by wagon train to the Washburn-Norlands in Livermore.

The scheduled trip, which was to bring them to the Norlands by 2:30, was two hours behind schedule, and the train just stopped to water their horses at the Twin Bridge Market. Earl Hickey, owner of the market, had planned a band concert and had fixed up an area for them to have a leisurely and restful lunch. But because of the weather and being so far behind schedule, they just watered their horses and grabbed a quick cup of hot coffee.

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