On the regular car alone, one thousand people were brought up to East Auburn Sunday and it is estimated that fully four thousand people came up to go the the grove or to the dam or to the cottages. Next Sunday will be the formal opening at the grove, and a sacred concert will be given. Wire fences protect many of the newly seeded down grass plots at the grove and the pavilion has received a coat of canary yellow paint. The plants are to be set out this week. The ice-houses of the Lake Auburn Ice Co. which was recently built near the corn-shop is used to store ice which is to be delivered around the city.

50 Years Ago, 1954

A group of Twin City clergymen and laymen voted recently to back U.S. Senate Resolution 126 which seeks to change the phrasing of the Pledge of the Allegiance to the Flag from “one nation indivisible” to “one nation indivisible under God.” it was disclosed last night by Lewiston Court Recorder Nelson M. J. Peters. The group commissioned Peters to draw up their resolution to be presented to U. S. Rep. Charles P. Nelson of Maine’s Second Congressional District. Introduced by U. S. Sen. Homer Ferguson (R) of Michigan, the proposal has already been approved by the U. S. Senate. A special effort also has been made to have all clergymen make special recognition of the pledge as amended on Sunday, June 13, the day before Flag Day, said Peters.

25 Years ago, 1979

“Up With People” bills itself as a non-profit organization. There must be some mistake. There’s plenty of profit in it, but it’s not the kind found on any Dow-Jones listing. If you were one of the lucky ones who invested $4 to see the musical non-profit experience at the Central Maine Youth Center in Lewiston Thursday night, it was probably one of the wisest investments you could make. The rate of return is out of sight. But definitely not out of mind. What happens to each member of the audience is a personal, interpersonal experience – a happening, a metamorphosis, that links each one to the other, to all and to the rest of the world out there in a way that creates a most incredible high.

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