AUBURN – After nearly two weeks of testimony, the trial of a Lisbon Falls woman accused of shaking her adopted son to death is nearing an end.

On Monday, Sarah Allen’s lawyer, Verne Paradie, is expected to call his last expert witness, a pathologist who observed the dissection of Nathaniel’s eyes and brain.

After the doctor’s testimony, the state prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Lisa Marchese, may call back one of her expert witnesses for a rebuttal.

Then, both sides will present their closing arguments to the jury.

Allen, 30, has opted not to testify on her own behalf. Under Maine law, the jury cannot use that decision against her.

To convict Allen of manslaughter, the jurors must decide beyond a reasonable doubt that she caused her son’s death by acting negligently or with criminal negligence.

The state alleges that Allen killed Nathaniel by shaking or jerking him on Feb. 14, 2003, while her husband, Jeremy, was away on business. Allen’s lawyer has attempted to persuade the jury that the boy died as a result of falling several times, a pre-existing health condition or a combination of both.

If convicted, Allen could serve up to 40 years in state prison.

Jeremy Allen also has been accused of abusing the couple’s only son. He faces a charge of assault for allegedly hitting Nathaniel with a spatula on Feb. 13, 2003. His trial was supposed to begin June 25, but it has been postponed until September.

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