LITCHFIELD – Carrie Ricker Middle School announces the third trimester honor roll.

Grade four

Distinguished: Cody DePuy, Darby Beaulieu, Trevor Hathorne, Chris Jones, Kelsey Clarke.

Outstanding: Sam Carpenter, Megan Holland, Justin Ingalls, Nathan Landry, Caleb Meservey, Stephanie Paradis, Ronnie Partridge, Alicia Pinnell, Brianna Raber, Brooke Ridley, Jessica Roberts, Kayla Smart, Elijah Washburn, Declan Doyle, Katie Slattery, Marrissa Caskin, Brady Andrews, Amanda Bloss, Ashleigh Morris, Cierra Tuttle, Jane Marston, April Martin-Ingalls.

Grade five

Distinguished: Taylor Shepherd, Aisha Hill, Ben Meservey, Craig Morrill, Ben Daggett, Sam Hatch.

Outstanding: Ian Campbell, Kassandra Merrill, Dylan Richards, Danielle Robichaud, Nathan Rolston, Joey Turcotte, Brady Boardman, Jessica Casey, Siera Dube, Brittany Gagnon, Alicia Stevens, Maggie Sabine, Molly Morrill, Zakk McKinney, Kassi Stevens, Dustin Mallar.

Grade six

High honors: Dottie Quinn, Ashley Paradis, Danielle Ames.

Honors: Jake Norris, Malinda Landry, Kyle Emmons, Ariel D’Alessandris, Kasey Clark, Amber Chase, Lynnae Chaput, Donna Stone, Devyn Pepin, Lyndsey Hall, Nicholas Flaherty, Nicole Ellis, Holly Baker, Brian Holland, Zach Lennett, Katie Maclagan, Molly Madore, Alexis Sabatino, Emily Schiff-Slater, Dillon Tibbetts.

Grade seven

High honors: Cheney Larock, Samantha Wark.

Honors: Marsha Gustin, Hillarie Nuzzo, Josh Sirois, Clyde Tibbetts, Chrystal Bisson, Patrick Cody, Ayesya Hart, Rebecca Roberts, Kelsey Campbell, Samuel Davidson, Khaila Donovan, Christopher Hatch, Carrie Hayden, Drew Jannelle, Isaiah Mills, Anthony Nuzzo, Eric Stevenson.

Grade eight

High honors: Harry Mickalide, Heather White, Lindsay Heald.

Honors: Chad Bussiere, Casey Gonzales, Chelsea Hill, Eryn Pelletier, Stephanie Pinnell, Miriah Dinwiddie, Morgan Pulk, Donnie Stultz, Lorraine Wiley, Chris Ellis, David Hanlon, Jr., Sarah Kupfer, Laura Phillips, Brittney Raymond, Matt Rodney.

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