Wednesday at Zimmie’s is the day new comic books hit the stand. We quizzed 11 fans about Spider-Man’s arch enemies, his loves and life after a radioactive spider bite.

Favorite Spider-Man girlfriend:
Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy?

In the comics, MJ may have gotten him down the aisle, but Gwen stole Peter Parker’s heart first. Green Goblin dropped the blond bombshell off a bridge years ago, a scene revamped for the “Spider-Man” movie in 2002 with Mary Jane. (In the books, Spidey caught Gwen with his webbing, but the impact snapped her neck.)

So who’s the fan favorite today?

Looks like it’s Mary Jane by a landslide. Kalvin Gearhart says he loves the “feisty redhead” brought to the screen by Kirsten Dunst.

Joe Loubier’s a Gwen man: “I have her statue at my house making my wife jealous.”

The vote:

73% – Mary Jane

18% – Gwen Stacy

9% – Both. Hey, there’s one in every crowd.

Wanted: A baddie for Spider-Man 3
Casting call

Green Goblin tried to foil the day in the first movie and Doc Oc’s the featured villain in “Spider-Man 2.” So who would fans really love to see toe-to-toe with the wall crawler in the next film?

“I’ve been discussing this with a couple of friends of mine – to be honest, Sandman,” says Jeff Pease. Sandman’s a classic. The shapeshifter – after a blast of radiation, he’s as slippery as sand – debuted in 1963, according to the Marvel Directory.

Yet other villains garnered the most votes among the Zimmie’s crowd: Venom, an alien symbiote that envelopes disgraced journalist Eddie Brock, and Carnage, an off-spring of Venom that envelopes murderer Cletus Kasady. The duo are bad and badder.

The vote:

36% – Venom/Carnage: Alien symbiotes that feed off the energy of the person they cover

18% – Electro: Double exposure to lightening and power lines make him a super-charged villain

9% – Sandman: A career criminal with the ability to make himself scarce

9% – George Bush: Current president of the United States

9% – Lizard: Dr. Curt Conners’ alter-ego created during a lab experiment to re-grow an arm

9% – Rhino: Covered in acid-proof, steel-denting armor, he has taken on Spidey and Hulk

9% – Wolverine: The favorite X-Man good-guy fought Spider-Man in a 1987 story arc

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