A street fakir has been in the city selling what he advertises as a wonderful hair tonic, something that will make hair grow at a startling rate of speed; something that will make the baldest head soon be covered with a luxurious growth. That something which has been sold for twenty-five cents a package appears to be nothing more than salaratus, the fakir having purchased a large quantity of it at an Auburn store.

The bowling alley which is being built over Spear and Webster’s on Main Street will be one of the finest in the state when completed. A deep layer of ashes was put in. This is to deaden the sound. It has been sometime since bowling was a popular sport in this city but with a fine alley the sport is likely to revive.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Three brothers were rescued from Lake Mooselookmeguntic after clinging to their capsized outboard motorboat for nearly an hour. Arthur, Clarence, and Eugene Henry, all of Mexico, were plunged into the lake when they tried to shift the weight in a boat they said was overloaded. With the aid of a life preserver, Arthur and Eugene managed to keep non-swimmer Eugene Henry afloat. The trio eventually was picked up by a Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury of Farmington and their guide, Henry Crossland of Jay.

25 Years Ago, 1979

More than 2,000 sign-toting, barefooted, slogan-shouting shoe and leather workers converged on Lewiston’s Kennedy Park to protest a shortage of cow hides to leather for U. S. shoe manufacturers that could cause them their jobs. The rally spirit was unmistakable – a high that often comes with being associated with “a cause.” But beneath it all, in private conversation their seriousness of purpose and genuine fear for their jobs belied their glib talk. In a very real sense many were fighting for their right to work and not to be forced onto welfare roles or into unemployment lines, whether in Lewiston, Auburn, Wilton, Rumford or any other town whose economy relies greatly on the leather or shoe industry. G. H. Bass sent the largest delegation with 30 buses, 15 from Wilton, nine from Rumford and six from North Jay carrying 1,800 employees.

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