WILTON – The Wilton Historical Society program schedule for 2004-2005 is announced as follows:

Aug. 12: Speaker, State Sen. Chandler Woodcock; refreshments, Marcella Farrington, Doris Cushman.

Sept. 9: Dawn and Mark Schneider on “So You Think You Know Maine?”; refreshments, Donald Hamlin and Fern Girardin.

Oct. 11: Flossie Dere and Maxine Brown on “Researching Your Genealogy”; refreshments, Ray and Lennie Tilton.

Nov. 11: Ray Tilton on “The Canal Street Forge”; refreshments, Gayle Chase and Mary Lawrence.

Dec.9: Leaders, Bing and Nancy Crosby; music program; refreshments, Linda McGowan and Joyce Orff.

January and February: no meetings.

March 10: Dawn Schneider on “The Franco-American Heritage”; refreshments, Mark and Dawn Schneider.

April 14: Rodney Hall, “Producing Maple Syrup”; refreshments, Shirley Toncer and Betty Harris.

May 12: Annual meeting with potluck supper 6 p.m.; in charge, Caroline Mayo, Pam Brown, Joyce Orff.

June 9: Clean-Up Night, attendees asked to bring brown bag supper and cleaning supplies at 6 p.m.; in charge, Ada Beisaw.

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings begin at 7 p.m.

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