Dear Sun Spots: Whatever happened with plans to install the Libbey Mill cupola at the western gateway park? If I remember right, this article appeared in the Sun Journal several years ago. I understand the same councilors of that time past may not be on the council anymore.

At that time, I believe a crane company was hired to take down the cupola at a cost of $18,000. I may be wrong. If so, they sure liked to spend taxpayer money. I called Public Works, and they could not find out if there were any plans for this thing. In a way, I hope they don’t. Just leave it where it is in the new Public Works yard on River Road and let it rot. It will probably go the same way as the metal gears designed by an artist years ago for $10,000. The city could not sell that, so it ended up in a pile. So much waste of money, such as the Lisbon Street awnings, bubble lights, cobblestones in the road. Tax dollars. All these little parks and gateways will cost a lot to maintain. – No Name, Lewiston.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, Lewiston City Administrator Jim Bennett says the cupola is at the operations center of Public Works Department. There were discussions about having it at the new Raymond Park, but it was felt that it would be better to be incorporated into some plan for the actual Libbey Mill site. It can be restored. It would need some work because it does have lead paint on it.

Dear Sun Spots: I recently had a garage sale on the one nice day of summer. I did not have many customers. Thus, I have a garage full of boxed, organized clean leftover items that are in great condition. To name a few: skis, twin bed, furniture, lots of girls’ clothes, solar pool cover, toys and miscellaneous, to name a few.

As I do not have a truck, I would like for someone to pick them up and give me a nominal fee for the lot or do you know if the Salvation Army will pick up these items? Again, I do not have a truck and renting one would defeat the purpose. I’d love to be able to get my van back in my garage before the snow flies. I heard of a woman in Greene who picks up truckloads of items from one’s house and actually pays you in the process. Do you know the name and phone number of this woman? If you do that would be great! Any other ideas would be welcomed. – No Name, Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots is not aware of this woman, and perhaps readers familiar with her could please contact the column with her contact information.

In the meantime, the Salvation Army has a truck that picks up such items. You will need to contact them to make an appointment for pickup. They can be reached at (800) 958-7825.

Dear Sun Spots: I am interested in joining the Red Hat Society, along with a friend of mine. Are there any chapters in the Lewiston area that are accepting new members?

We are eager to join and meet new friends. Please let me know whom to contact or if anyone would like to call me, they can do so at (207) 375-4637. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: The following chapters listed on the Red Hat Society’s Web site are open to new members. You should contact them via the Web site at and search for chapters in your area. The following is a partial listing that Sun Spots hopes may help you out in your search:

• The Red Hatters, contact is Queen Carmen Mercier, Auburn.

• Barker Mills Red Hatters, contact is Queen Doris Bourbeau, Auburn.

• Cute Red Hatters, contact Queen Carlene LeBlond, Lewiston.

• La Rouge Memeres, contact Queen Tami Girardin, Lewiston.

• Les Rouge Hatters, contact Queen Linda Sutton, Lewiston.

• Red Hat Chili Peppers, contact Queen Carole Small, Lewiston.

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