SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Draper Family Trust and Roland J. Draper Jr. and Rosaleen G. Draper to Tim and Jennifer Akers, in Paris.

Perley and Lillian J. Wilson to Todd and Mary Wilson, in Bethel.

Shannon T. Sumner to Shannon T. and Lisa A. Sumner, in Albany Township.

Donald E. and Ruth W. Feeney to Suzanne T. Pratt, in Bethel.

Daniel and Daniel R. Lavoie to Thomas L. Leclerc, in Mexico.

Ralph A. Beck to Maurice R. and Gloria Leblond, in Dixfield.

Margery A. Ripley to Alan K. and Charity L. Johnson, in Norway.

Richard and Joyce McCain and Richard and Joyce McCain to Mario and Margaret Giordano, in Township.

John E. and Lucille and John Crawford to Bruce and Nancy Doughty, in Dixfield.

Bruce and Nancy Doughty to Maurice R. and Gloria L. Leblond, in Dixfield.

Francis D. Kilawee and Richard E. Cutter to Dennis J. and Jodi Marie McCarthy and Mark E. and Jennifer A. Strickland, in Hanover and Newry.

Lionel Dale Taker and Betty Ann Taker to Lionel Dale Taker and Betty Ann Taker, in West Paris.

Betty J. Gatchell and Betty J. Gatchell Revocable Trust Agreement to William F. Stockwell, in Waterford.

Bradford A. Kimball to Lorie and Kevin O’Neil, in Norway.

Norman and Nancy E. Marin to Norman and Nancy E. Marin, in Milton Plantation.

Kristina M. Dillingham and Mary Llewellyn to Craig A. and Teresa L. Curtis, in Norway.

Ronald J. Webb to Robert J. Crawford and Sarah Stewart Stockwell, in Waterford.

Michael and Beth Binette to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Gerhard Behrend to Larry D. and Alenia Miles, in Lincoln Plantation.

Paul Bernier to Matthew McMorrow, in Hartford.

Eileen Fales to Matthew McMorrow, in Hartford.

Robert L. and Pauline P. Davis to Tabitha Steward, in Bethel.

Nancy P. and Sharon A. Theriault and Richard Diaz to Richard C. Diaz Jr. and Rebecca M. Diaz, in Woodstock.

Jeffrey H. Anderson to Jeffrey H. and Kelly B. Anderson, in Peru.

Maurice Leblond to Maurice R. and Gloria L. Leblond, in Dixfield.

Edward J. and Tracy L. Davis to Dennis L. Heath Jr. and Anne Marie Knight, in Oxford.

Roger G. and Denise J. Guay to Savage Land Development, in Greenwood.

Franklin F. Barton to Bernadette J. and John D. Luxton, in Albany Township.

Peter Doody to Lawrence M. and Elizabeth J. Doody, in Buckfield.

Brent G. and Corrine C. Wyman to Casey A. and Jessica L. Grover, in Paris.

Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company to Lance J. and Melissa Whittier, in Oxford.

Oxford Built To Suit LLC to Troy R. Ripley, in Paris.

Joseph and Rachel Flanders to Landfall Investments LLC, in Oxford.

Tricia Flanders to Landfall Investments LLC, in Oxford.

Steven K. Seamon to Steven K. and Linda Seamon, in Oxford.

Joseph and Sarah Cummings to Patricia and Rodney Rolfe, in Norway.

Mark D. and Deborah J. and Debbie J. Bechard to Jack L. and Susan L. Cross, in Bethel.

Bernadette and John Luxton to Richard P. Callaghan and Jannette D. Rowsell, in Bethel.

Land and Legacy Inc. to Birmingham Management Corp, in Otisfield.

Howard P. Lowell to Gerald K. and Stephanie R. Buswell, in Buckfield.

Roland H. Tyler to Lincoln A. and Debra L. Stone, in Dixfield.

Nelson M. Foley Jr. and Laura A. Foley to Community Concepts Inc., in Oxford.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Kevin R. and Jessica K. Hebert, in Norway.

Leonard J. and Leonard J. Wisberg to Christopher G. Molloy, in Newry.

Janice D. and Richard A. Guilford to Richard A. and Janice D. Guilford, in Paris.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Bankers Trust Company of California NA and Marcie Berube to Nasser and Parivash Rohani, in Otisfield.

Barbara Burpee to Barbara and Victor M. and Elena M. and Ana M. Burpee, in Oxford.

Estate of Vernon W. Inman and Virginia K. Aridas and Estate of Miriam P. Inman to Robert and Anne Fox, in West Paris.

Anna V. Brown to Anna V. and Scott L. Brown, in Paris.

Becky J. Mason to Bradley E. Frost Jr., in Paris.

Samuel D. Sessions Inc. to Pamela A. and Raymond J. August, in Paris.

Romeo L. and Claire D. and Laurianne and Elaine and Mariette Castonguay to Real J. Castonguay, in Canton.

Byroot LLC and Wagner Forest Management Ltd. to Thomas R. and Scott A. Dillon, in Rumford.

Donald R. Smith to Philip A. Smith, in Andover.

Estate of David J. Stevens and Mark D. Stevens to Janine O. Stevens, in Bethel.

Lurana B. McAllister to John W. Thompson, in Paris.

Riverbend Associates Inc. to Karl I. and Elizabeth Mary Reti, in Bethel.

Sandra A. Barrieau to John N. Cote, in Mexico.

Steward W. Young Sr. and Janine Young to James A. Nicols Jr. and Billy Joe Nicols, in Rumford.

William T. Turner and Maine Source to Ann Charest, in Oxford.

Michael D. Sanford and Michael D. Sanford and One Hundred Six Jackson Lane Realty Trust to Michael D. Sanford and Patricia A. Sanford Revocable Trust, in Norway.

Michael D. Sanford and Michael D. Sanford and Patricia A. Sanford Revocable Trust to Michael D. Sanford, in Norway.

Mark A. Starbird to Douglas L. and Cheryl L. Cheever, in Waterford.

Angela Gaudreau to Dustin A. Bland, in West Paris.

Robert J. and Josephine M. Swirko to Dennis A. Worcester and Catherine J. Low, in Bethel.

Virginia K. Aridas and Estate of Vernon W. Inman to D. Bruce Goodwin and Brownie Realty Trust, in West Paris.

Savage Land Development LLC to Thomas A. and Virginia M. Samalis, in Bethel.

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