My childhood was a blast

I find myself wishing I was in the past

playing outside with my father

Wearing my shoes-I didn’t bother

Little clothes, little feet,

other little children to meet

little room, little bed

everything was little, even my head!

The world seemed so big,

a big adventure

Maybe the world shrunk. I’m not sure.

Theme parks, kiddy rides

cotton candy galore

I am really sad I’m not a kid anymore.

But then again, I always wanted to grow up,

and maybe take care of people who throw-up,

a nurse that is, or a teacher

at the time, I was sure I would grow up to be either.

Now I am 13, and of me, some people aren’t too keen

but when I feel this way, I don’t think about those kids

the only thing I think about is

how I wish I could

go back to my childhood.

By Sara Dulac

Tripp Middle School

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