He sits there every day in that poster

Does anybody know the name of that teddy bear

Nobody knows what he is looking at, he is only staring

He is alone, only with the chair in which he is sitting

No worries on life and how to make a living

His glossy eyes stare at you like a tiny thumbtack

He is not your average teddy bear

He made it into the poster

The poster that is held by the mighty thumbtack

He sees everything while he is staring

He doesn’t talk while he is living

Nor breathe, or move, all he does is sitting

Is he really there and living

In that poster where he is sitting

Or is he like that mighty thumbtack

Planted on a wall and stuck into a poster

Have you ever stopped to talk to that teddy bear

You are kind of like that teddy bear

You are stuck here with the world as your poster

Are you really here and living

Or is all you do sitting and staring

For on this world you will always be sitting

Decorate your house and buy a poster

Be nice and smile like a teddy bear

Get out in the world and see where you are sitting

Talk to people instead of staring

Run and jump and start living

Hold your own like the mighty thumbtack

So I ask again about that poster

The one with you, that teddy bear

Have you done anything more than staring

Are you up and about and not sitting

Have you had fun and really been living

Or are you stuck on the wall like the thumbtack

He sits and stares in the poster

Never really living

All he does is sitting and staring

There on the wall like the mighty thumbtack

We are all like that teddy bear

In this world we are sitting

Talk to the world instead of staring

And stand up and start living

Don’t be that teddy bear in the poster

By Patrick Duchette

Oak Hill High School

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