Vickory’s cider mill is running full tilt and so many farmers come here every day that it is found necessary by the Vickery Bros. to begin to grind their corn at about three in the morning so as to have this part of their business out of the way before the farmers come with their loads of apples to be made into cider. “No vinegar is so good as the cider vinegar,” says Mr. Vickery, “and certainly on fells safer in using this vinegar than in that made from acids. Many of the dealers are using the cider vinegar altogether and of course the people like it better for who wants to use vinegar that will eat the coating off of tin as will the cheaper qualities of vinegar made from acids.”

50 Years Ago, 1954

An offer has been made to St. Patrick’s parish for the purchase of a 10-acre tract of land near Mount Hope Cemetary as the possible site of a new shoe factory. Rev. D. Joseph Hagerty, pastor of the church, informed parishioners at Mass Sunday morning of the offer and said he would be receptive to letters from members of parish who opposed sale of the land. He indicated he favors the sale. John Maloney Jr., director of the city’s Industrial Development Department, said the parish has been given a “reasonable” offer for the land which is situated at River Road and Mount Hope Avenue. It is the vacant lot as one enters the cemetary grounds. Adjacent to this property, a factory is being erected for an out-of-State publishing firm.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Lewiston city officials agreed Wednesday night to purchase the 22,500-square foot Coca-Cola building on Park Street at a cost of $145,000. Ramifications of the deal – consummated at a special joint meeting of the Board of Mayor and Alderman and Finance Board – are far reaching. For months the land has been viewed by some as a perfect home for a new Lewiston Police Department whose present facility is decrepit.

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