The election in Lewiston passed off quietly there being apparently little interest in the voting and no anxiety whatever expressed regarding the results in this city. At no time were the polls crowded, and no demonstrations occurred for the entertainment of the lookers-on. It was one of the most quiet elections ever held in Lewiston and but little effort was made by either side to get votes. Those who wanted to vote did so without any solicitation on the part of the “vote getters”.

50 Years Ago, 1954

It wasn’t an atomic bomb. A large column of smoke rose into the sky over Auburn, causing great concern by several Shoe City citizens who didn’t know what to make of it. Fire Chief J. Coleman Miller reported the smoke came from about 10 barrels of cast-off oil and gas set ablaze at the Mill Street drill grounds by firemen. The reason: Fire fighters held a three-hour practice drill to acquaint themselves with problems involving major gasoline blazes.

25 Years Ago, 1979

D.W. Small & Sons Inc. of Ellsworth and Farmington introduced gasohol to the motoring public at a ceremony highlighted by the presence of company personnel, Town Manager Alan Gove, Rep. Richard G. Morton and other dignitaries. The ceremony took place at the Mt. Blue Mainway Station located in the Mount Blue Shopping Center. The mixture of 90 percent unleaded gasoline and 10 percent anhydrous ethanol fuel has been put on the market here on a “test basis”, Division Manager of D.W. Small & Sons, Raymond J. Rossignol explained at the opening. Additional stations are expected to offer the product to motorists in Portland, Wiscasset and Oxford. Gasohol studies conducted in various parts of the country indicate that gasohol is a higher octane fuel, giving users better engine performance and better cold weather starting.

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