Hacky-Sac is like soccer except it doesn’t require a ball or running. A hacky-sac is a little crocheted ball with beads inside or whatever you wish to put in it. Everybody at my school, especially the boys, like to play hacky-sac. Hacky-sac has been around for about 120 years, and I don’t think it’s getting old. You can be almost any age to play.

It doesn’t take much energy, and it doesn’t require any equipment. It’s easy to learn, and it helps develop motion skills and coordination. It would be a popular sport. It would be a good competition and it would be more cooperative?

Hacky would be popular because everybody at my school does it, and it wouldn’t be that hard to learn. You simply just hit it with any part of your body except your hands. Then once you get really good with the hacky get a bunch of buddies or people you know and just play.

Hacky would be a good competitive sport and it would be a good cooperative sport. First you would shake hands with one another, and then you would play a good game of hacky-sac. The last one who doesn’t drop the hacky wins. It would be a good cooperative sport because there would be no violence in the game, and you could have teams versus teams in an all out hacky battle. Last team standing wins.

It would help develop motion skills and coordination. Motion skill would be keeping the hacky from touching the ground. Coordination would be how to time it just right so that you hit the hacky-sac and keep it going around the circle.

Hacky-Sac could be the most extreme sport we ever had. The only way it could be a sport is if the school’s administration would allow it. I’d say everyone who likes hacky-sac would be all for it, and we could go across the state and win competitions.

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