Lisbon High School is a closed campus. Students check in every morning and can’t check out until the end of school or until their parents check them out. At lunch the only place students are allowed to eat is in the cafeteria. Students can either bring their lunch or buy a lunch from the school for two dollars. Lisbon High School should be allowed to have open campus lunch because there would be more competitive food prices, less crowded lunches, and students could develop more responsibility.

If Lisbon High School had open campus, students would be able to have more choices at lunch. Students would also have a chance to find more competitively priced food. Open campus lunch gives the students more variety in food from different places like Subway and McDonald’s which are within walking distance.

If the students had open campus lunch the students would be able to eat and relax in new and different places. The lunches also would be less crowded. There could be one lunch instead of three. It could be thirty minutes long adding time for classes. Students could hang out with friends for a half hour. Students might be less talkative in class and pay more attention because they could have gotten all their talking out during lunch.

Open campus lunch would give the students more responsibility which would make the students feel more like adults, Students in college can go and eat lunch all day. It would prepare the students for the working world.

In conclusion, open campus lunch should be considered. Some reasons would be that there would be more competitively priced food, lunches would be less crowded, and students could feel more responsible. An open campus lunch would give students a chance to prove how responsible they can be. School administration and parents could see that the students can eat healthy, that students would come back to school and not get into trouble, and could manage their own money. Open campus lunch would be a terrific idea.

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